Charitable Remainder Trusts

You believe that all women and girls deserve to have access to their basic rights and live free of violence and abuse. You also believe that young people in developing countries deserve a better access to capacity building, economic opportunities and leadership. You can help us to make it possible. You can be an agent for change by leaving a legacy gift to Crossroads International.


How to start

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a way of giving assets to Crossroads International through a trust agreement.  A charitable remainder trust can be established by contributing bonds, stock securities, mutual funds or real estate to a trustee who holds and manages it.  You may choose a charitable remainder trust because you have an asset that you would eventually like to give to us, but you need the income it now provides, or you do not wish to part with your asset right now.

You receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the remainder interest, which is calculated by a Canada Revenue Agency formula that considers your life expectancy and the present value of the property being transferred into the trust. An important point to remember: the transfer of assets to the trust is irrevocable, which means you cannot reverse the transfer once it has been completed.

Crossroads International strongly recommends that you seek professional advice to ensure your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed, and your planned gift is tailored to your circumstances.


Benefits of Charity Reminder Trusts

  • Tax Advantages: A charitable tax receipt is issued upon transferring assets to a trust that names Crossroads International as the capital beneficiary.  The five-year carry-forward provision allows effective tax planning while you are alive rather than the one-year carry back upon death.  The government has allowed a beneficial tax treatment of capital gains on these gifts.
  • Income: Your trust can provide you with a lifetime income.
  • Protects Privacy: By transferring assets to a trust, your decision is private.
  • Avoids Will Challenges: Trust assets are not considered part of your estate.
  • Eliminates Probate and Estate Fees: Your gift is not subject to probate fees and other estate costs.
  • Control: The trust retains your assets until death, at which point Crossroads International will receive the “remainder” of the property in the trust.
  • Worry-Free Management: Your trust can be managed professionally, freeing you from daily investment decision or market concerns.
  • Recognition: Your gift can be honoured during your lifetime.
  • Satisfaction: Your gift is made for personal reasons; you can create a lasting memorial for you, your family or anyone you may wish to honour.  Of course, you will also continue to be part of solutions that fundamentally improve people’s lives by reducing poverty and advancing women’s and girls’ rights around the world.


Please feel free to contact Wanjiro Ndungu, our Manager Philanthropy, at or call 416-967-1611 for more information.