Randy Pepper Legacy Fund

Let us be open to those beyond our small corners;
Let us be generous, giving more than what we can spare;
Let us laugh and play, and keep moving forward; and
Let us work together, with love and respect, to improve the world.

  • Inspired by Randy’s life and how he lived


A trailblazer

As a Crossroads volunteer to Lesotho in 1975, Randy Pepper witnessed firsthand the power of volunteer cooperation to effect lasting change in the world. The experience changed his outlook on the world and guided him in his many years of support and volunteer service to Crossroads International. Randy was a fervent supporter of volunteer cooperation and the difference it could make in communities overseas and also in the volunteers themselves.

The Randy Pepper Legacy Fund is being created to continue his legacy in volunteer cooperation.  With proceeds from Randy’s estate and the generous support of his peers, this Legacy Fund will provide vital program matching funds to ensure that volunteers can be at the heart of every Crossroads project.

Randy’s friends and colleagues have set a bold target to match his contribution to ensure a lasting legacy for Randy.

Read the Randy Pepper Legacy Fund report here. 

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Every gift takes all of us a step closer to creating brighter futures for women, men and children in who are among the most vulnerable in the world. Your gift will strengthen individuals, organizations and communities, driving change in some of the poorest parts of the world.


Looking back, I see that being born in Canada was a huge gift.  It has also been a blessing to travel and explore the beauty of this world; it’s given me a sense of magic, of mystery. Loving and being loved has sustained me. Laughing a lot has lifted my spirits. Living without regret or grudges has made me happier. Working to make the world a slightly better place has given me a higher purpose… Being open to adventure has reduced my fear of the unknown. This life’s last awesome adventure beckons.

-Randy Pepper

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About Randy Pepper

Randy was influenced by his United Church upbringing to become a citizen of the world, caring about the welfare and development of all peoples. This influence led to his involvement with Crossroads International during his university years and a volunteer placement in Lesotho in 1975. His experience in Africa forever changed Randy’s outlook on the world, and guided him in his many years of support and volunteer service to international and social justice causes, and in particular his four decades of volunteer engagement and his work as a Board member with Crossroads International. In his professional life, Randy was a renowned barrister, mediator and arbitrator who spent many years as a partner at Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt. In his work and his volunteer service Randy was highly respected for the wisdom of his advice, the fearless quality of his advocacy, and his thoughtful teaching, mentoring and organizational teamwork.