Stand Against Gender-Based Violence – Donate Today

Your Gift will advance gender equality

In this most difficult year, the pandemic has brought new meaning to the words we are all in this together.

In the 12 months before the outbreak, 243 million women and girls (aged 15-49) around the world were subjected to sexual or physical violence. That is more than 6 times the entire population of Canada!

Your donation today will ensure help is there for women when they need it most. When the pandemic hit, Crossroads moved quickly to ensure local partners could keep their doors open and adapt their programming to continue to safely provide essential services. This is just one example of what your donation could help accomplish!

As an extra incentive Crossroader Rafik Ward (Botswana 1999) will match all new monthly gifts up to $5,000.  To become a monthly donor, please click here.

When you decide to make a donation, you are choosing to invest in women and girls’ futures.

Thank you for your support.