Crossroaders are at the heart of our work to end poverty and empower women and girls in Africa. These video vignettes featured here capture a diversity of perspectives from Crossroaders and stories of the impact of volunteer cooperation. If you have been involved with Crossroads as a volunteer, community partner, donor, advocate, or somewhere in between, we invite you to share your story and engage with our Crossroader community. To share your story, please fill out the story form below.


Capacity Building

Piloting innovative programs to support our partners and empower women to become leaders in their communities.   JOIN US and

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Gender Equality

Advancing the rights of women and girls.   JOIN US and Crossroaders like Susan, Caroline, Atinuke, Patsy, and Anthony and

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I Am A Crossroader – Caroline Aubry

Crossroader Caroline Aubry shares her experiences as a volunteer in Togo.   JOIN US and Crossroaders like Susan, Caroline, Atinuke,

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The Crossroads International Purpose

Learn about our mission, vision, and values.   View the purpose JOIN US on to learn how to commit to

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I Am A Crossroader – Anthony Gebrehiwot

Crossroader Tony Gebrehiwot shares his experiences as a volunteer in Ghana and Tanzania.   JOIN US and Crossroaders like Susan,

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I Am A Crossroader – Susan Green

Crossroader Susan Green shares her experiences as a volunteer and Board member. JOIN US and Crossroaders like Susan, Caroline, Atinuke,

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Latest News Stories


In developing countries like Ghana, the impact of COVID-19 is significantly more cruel, as the most basic prevention measure—handwashing—is not accessible to all. No running water, compounded with a surge in gender-based violence during stay-at-home orders are threatening the lives of women and girls.

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Your gift today for a better tomorrow!

In this time of crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded of how interconnected we are. Diseases know no borders. Only by ensuring the well-being of the most vulnerable, can we preserve our own.

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Crossroads is seeking to bolster support for vital services during COVID-19 pandemic

Crossroads is providing vital support to local program partners in Burkina Faso, Eswatini, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania and Togo to deliver essential services and provide direct community support.

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Crossroaders in self-isolation speak out about COVID-19 and the impact on women, girls, men and boys in Africa

At COVID-19 crisis hit, Crossroads International helped overseas volunteers return to Canada but for many, their thoughts are with the communities they left behind. Check out two video diaries from two Crossroaders in isolation reflecting on their work and the impact of COVID-19.

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The Value of One, The Power of Many

DISCOVER our online exhibition featuring talented Crossroader-photographers.

The fruit of their work

Jimmy Chicaiza “Under the suffocating sun and the shelter of a large mango tree, are gathered kind women with their

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Strive to uplift and value others

Ifenna Okeke “Being in Ghana and experiencing the benefits of people coming together to help others in such a positive

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From start to finish

François Robert-Durand “From start to finish: handmade woven basket by 46 years old weaver Ncamzile Zwane  This photo was taken

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Meet Bira Mbaye, a young chicken farmer

Jimmy Chicaiza “In the sun, the heat was suffocating, it was at least 35° Degrees Celcius. That day, we went to

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This is a mother, a caregiver, an entrepreneur

Anthony Gebrehiwot “This is not just anyone. This is a mother, a caregiver, an entrepreneur. Her actions go beyond her family

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Actions we take as individuals need to be infused with empathy

  Ifenna Okeke “Being in Ghana and experiencing the benefits of people coming together to help others in such a

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Talents to Empower

Sierra Nallo “On a Sunday at Labadi beach, Accra’s main city beach, talented acrobatic young men showcase their skills, balance

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Blog Stories



On Monday, September 20th, Canadians will go to the polls to elect our next federal government. Opinion surveys suggest it is a very close race. While international development has not garnered the attention it deserves, issues affecting women and equality have, including climate change, vaccination, and gun control.

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The arrival of summer and steady vaccination rates are offering Canadians hope that better days are around the corner. Yet stories at home and abroad remind us of the hard work left to do to build a just and equitable world.

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This week, I am reflecting on civic responsibility and my role as a citizen as Canada marks National Volunteer Week. As the theme for the week, The Value of One, The Power of Many, underscores, we can – and we must – each contribute to changing the world. In particular, I respectfully suggest it is time for men to step up.

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I Am A Crossroader – Join The Movement Today

When I first began volunteering with Crossroads International in Togo in 2019, I knew I was part of something larger. Working on an issue of urgent human rights in another country truly makes you feel like a global citizen.

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Volunteering in a global pandemic – yes we can!

Volunteering and partnering to support women and girls facing great adversity in Africa during a global pandemic looks different, but it is needed now more than ever. Discover why Nana, Maryse or Moustapha are committed to share their skills and knowledge to keep making a difference.

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Change Starts With You: My Journey to International Volunteer Cooperation

I write to you from Tanzania, where I am currently on my third volunteer mandate with Crossroads, with a simple message: global citizens for change are needed now more than ever.

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New decade brings new leaders and new hope for women and girls

Globally, 2019 was in many respects a difficult year, but not without glimmers of hope. As a new decade begins, let’s take stock of where we are.

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We can help survivors of violence access justice

I work every day to support survivors of gender-based violence. As an Advocate in Toronto’s domestic violence court, I prepare survivors to actively participate in our legal system, thereby increasing their access to Justice.

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Canada, when are we going to push back for girls?

In 2016 a landmark case won by 2018 UN Human Rights Prize Recipient Rebeca Gyumi raised the legal age of marriage to 18. In July, the government appealed the decision. If successful, child marriage will be legal once again.

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A Few Good Men

When you look anywhere in the world, from Accra to Toronto or Dakar, can strong women challenge social norms that will lead change to end gender violence, increase access to justice for survivors and advance women rights?

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