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Leave a legacy for Crossroads International

What does it mean to leave a legacy? Put plainly, it means making an impact that will endure long after you are gone. A charitable legacy is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference for future generations.

A legacy gift or a gift in your Will to Crossroads International could be your most powerful and lasting legacy. Such a gift allows you to stretch your impact over a long-term period and supports our work to advance gender equality and empower marginalized women and girls in some of the most challenged parts of the world. Through such giving, you have the satisfaction that the areas you felt strongly about in your lifetime will continue to receive support even after you are gone.

As I have noted in previous blogs, these are exceptional times: a global pandemic, historic income inequality, rising authoritarianism, a war involving a nuclear power with no clear end in sight and increasing fears of widespread famine as a consequence. All of these factors only serve to exacerbate the risks to women and girls and often affects them and their communities over many years. A legacy gift gives you an opportunity to create change over time that impacts the rights, security, and well-being of women and children in marginalized communities.

What’s in it for you?

A legacy gift has many benefits and allows you to achieve your own values as well as your philanthropic objectives. When you make a legacy to Crossroads, you are assured that your gift will have a timeless positive effect for vulnerable women and girls and the process of creating the legacy gift is simple, flexible and you get a tax advantage.

Legacy gifts can be made no matter how old you are or how much you give. All it takes is a simple clause in your Will. In addition, a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift will be issued and may offset capital gains or other taxes to lessen the financial cost on your estate.

Crossroaders have a unique relationship with this organization. You are global citizens, not just activists. You are often volunteers before becoming donors. You are not only champions of our work, you have quite likely performed it – and you can be an agent for change by making a legacy gift to Crossroads International.

A story about lasting impact

Long-time supporter of Crossroads, Darlene Bessey is an example of someone who committed a gift to Crossroads in her Will. The Saskatchewan resident and Chair of the Advisory Board of the Karen Takacs Fund for Women’s Leadership in Africa has a tremendous record of community service for not just Crossroads but a number of organizations. Darlene began her association with Crossroads as a volunteer almost 50 years ago. With her gift, Darlene is leaving a legacy of change. She has a giving strategy that includes leaving a gift in her Will to Crossroads because she is optimistic about Crossroads’ work to effect change in the lives of marginalized communities and she wants these people to be empowered for generations to come.

“In spite of the barriers, I remain optimistic that people working together across oceans and cultural differences in a shared belief of equality and justice can enact change. I believe this because I have seen it, and our volunteers and partner organizations in the South deliver it, everyday”.

You too can help us sustain and strengthen this change.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy gift to Crossroads, please speak with your family and estate planning advisors and also learn more about legacy gifts here. We have collected all the tips and tools you may need. If you have questions, please reach out to Crossroads’ Senior Manager of Philanthropy and Public Engagement, Wanjiro Ndungu, by e-mail at wanjiro@cintl.org or by telephone at 416-835-9493.

Your legacy of change can start here.

Heather Shapter, Executive Director

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