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Legacy Giving Made Easier for you

A legacy gift in your Will is a true expression of your values and the things that matter the most to you. Planning for a gift in your Will allows you to not only take care of your loved ones but to make a lasting difference for the communities that you support, beyond your lifetime 

Yet many Canadians have not taken steps to write their Wills. According to the 2023 report by the Angus Reid Institute, among the reasons why people do not have a Will includes the fear of a high cost of lawyer fees. 

This is the story of Patsy George, long-time supporter of Crossroads who decided to make a legacy gift to Crossroads International to ensure our mission to advance gender equality has a lasting impact. 

Crossroads’ objectives have been an important part of my own life.  Crossroads has been a cause through which I have strived to serve girls and women around the world.  This is my way of giving back for the education and opportunities I have had as an immigrant woman to this country.   

I am grateful to Canada.  It has offered me so many ways to contribute to the social welfare of communities, the advancement of human rights, and tackling justice issues around the world—something that Crossroads International strives to do every day. 

As a regular donor, volunteer, and former board member, my legacy gift is my way to honour that relationship into the future.  It is also my way of ensuring Crossroads International can go on making a great impact for years to come. 

Several supporters of Crossroads have recently made legacy gifts through gifts in their Wills just like Patsy, and we’ve made this process easier than ever through our sponsorship of Willfora. When you support Crossroads via a gift in your Will or another planned giving option, it is a meaningful way to leave a legacy that changes lives forever, builds communities and transforms the lives of women and girls for decades to come. 

Since the pandemic, there has been a severe growth in gender-based violence in sub-Saharan Africa, including human trafficking and child marriages. These issues are brought on by drivers of socio-economic instability like high inflation, the climate crisis and ongoing wars, and the needs of women and girls in rural and marginalized communities have drastically risen. But you can help to reverse that trend.  

Naming Crossroads as a beneficiary of your retirement assets is an easy way to create your legacy while making a tax-wise gift. It is also a way to ensure your continued investment in breaking the cycle of generational poverty and accelerating the power of women and girls. 

Crossroads is offering supporters a FREE estate planning tool that allows you to create a legal Will in 20-minutes or less. Your personal information will remain secure and confidential, and the service provides unlimited free updates so you can make changes if there are any life events.  

Visit our website to get started today. 

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