National Volunteer Week 2023: Celebrating our Volunteers

April 16-22, 2023

National Volunteer Week

Let’s celebrate our volunteers, their skills, and their engagement!

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volunteering weaveS us together

This year’s NVW theme is Volunteering Weaves Us Together, highlighting how volunteering brings people together from all walks of life to work towards a common goal. Together, much like the individual threads of a sweater, we are building something larger than us.

At Crossroads, we are grateful for the 10,000+ volunteers who have contributed to our mission of advancing gender equality, reducing poverty, and promoting sustainable development. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and bring a range of skills and experiences to our work.

This National Volunteer Week (and every week), we want to take the time to recognize and celebrate our volunteers’ dedication and passion. Our work would not be possible without their skills, generosity, and expertise. Thank you.

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join us in celebrating National Volunteer Week 2023

As part of the celebration, you are invited to our upcoming event on April 20th, Celebrating Our Volunteers: Crossroads’ Volunteer Conference! This conference will provide a platform for our alumni to share their knowledge and experiences online. Our volunteers and partners will speak about their accomplishments and the specific actions they have taken toward achieving gender equality, addressing climate change, and reducing poverty in the 9 countries where we work.

The event will be an opportunity to learn more about the impact of volunteering and to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a difference in the world.

So, register now and celebrate National Volunteer Week with our amazing volunteers! Together, let’s make a difference in the world and show that Volunteering Weaves Us Together.


We hope that by sharing our experiences, we can inspire others to get involved in volunteering and to work towards creating positive change in their own communities.

Interested in volunteering? Join thousands of Crossroaders and share your skills with the world. Find out about all our volunteer opportunities below!

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