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The world is counting on us, it is counting on #MoreCanada

After devastating recent events, Canadians took the streets again, this time to call for solidarity with refugees and Muslims. Crossroads International proudly stands with them.

The political events in Washington and the attack at a Quebec City mosque demonstrate just what a critical juncture this is for our world. Consider also, our neighbours to the South are threatening massive and critical funding cuts to important global development agencies, including those working on women’s rights. This is a time when people should coming together and embracing each other, not erecting walls or undermining development work.

Canada will soon be releasing a federal budget. In years past, we have let our own country’s development funding decline to the point where we trail the G7 and a number of other similarly-sized countries as a percentage of Gross National Income.  If we do not change course, Canada will have its lowest aid commitment in the last half-century.

In the face of the rise of extremism, continuous attacks on women’s rights and the integrity of women’s bodies, and the use of women as tools of war, Canadians are justifiably proud that its government has spoken so forcefully for the principles of equality, diversity, respect, and inclusion.

But as global citizens, we want more. As activists committed to volunteer cooperation, we know the world needs more. Please read some incredible stories from the field by Crossroads volunteers on how we are making a difference and what more we can do as a country.

In our hearts, we know we have more to give. It is time for #MoreCanada: more opportunities to volunteer, more support for overseas partners doing incredible work, and more reassurance for those in the global development community who find their work, and their very existence, under threat. Tangibly, this means an increased commitment to international aid and matching our words with the resources necessary to facilitate real change.

From February 5th to 11th, it is International Development Week (IDW) in Canada. The week is an opportunity to focus public attention, and remind ourselves, of the important work being done by Canadians around the world. It also provides the forum for Canadians to discuss, debate, and demonstrate that we as citizens are prepared to do more, and seek our government to do more too.

Canada can realize its potential, please visit our Call to Action page to learn how you can make a difference.

The world is counting on us, it is counting on #MoreCanada.

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