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From Crossroader to monthly donor: how a former volunteer keeps making a difference

Donor Profile: Jean Marc Hachey







“You can’t write a thesis about a place you’ve never been.”

This was the strongly worded conclusion Jean-Marc Hachey’s thesis advisor blurted after Jean-Marc told him his Master’s in Political Science thesis would be about Ghana. Luckily, Jean-Marc’s advisor had just started up a Crossroads International chapter and invited him to come to a learning session. That was early in 1981. After a year of hard work, fundraising and planning, Jean-Marc landed in Accra in June of 1982.

He didn’t know it then, but he was setting out on his life’s path. He taught English at a local technical school in a little town called Abetifi. Along with giving his lessons, he received many back.

“I said to myself: ‘What does it take to be happy?’ And it freed me for the rest of my life to realize that basically, if you have basic food and friendship, that’s all you’ll need.”

This lesson spawned his life’s work as a travel abroad pioneer, writing a well-loved guide to working abroad and sharing his expertise on

“I used the ideas that I learned through Crossroads and now promote them to help people maximize their careers through the value of studying abroad, interning abroad, volunteering abroad and taking working vacations abroad. I want to underline the importance of cross-cultural understanding, communication, coping and adaptation techniques to people interested in many fields, so that they can recognize and celebrate the wonderful cultural diversity that exists on this planet.”
Through all the intervening years, Jean-Marc has been connected to Crossroads. First as a volunteer, then as soon as he got his first job out of university, he began supporting Crossroads International with donations. And then about 20 years ago, Jean-Marc decided to become a monthly donor. He appreciates the convenience.












“There’s so much more value to giving monthly. For the organization, they know that this amount of money is coming in. And when you’re giving monthly, you don’t even notice it. It adds up over time, and that’s the real value. I like knowing my monthly donation really supports the organization over the long-term. It’s a consistent commitment that is easy to make.”
Through all the twists and turns in life, Jean-Marc is committed to the work of Crossroads International and its focus on justice, human rights and equality for women and girls.

“I’m especially supportive of its new focus on helping and promoting women and young girls and empowering them. And I know my monthly donations, speak truth to my values more consistently and with less effort than making a single donation once or twice a year.”