What Women Want?

march 8

International Women’s Day

Let’s listen to women in Canada and abroad!


On International Women’s Day, the question of what women want is at the centre of many conversations around the world. Politicians to marketers to religious leaders seem to have all the answers.  We thought we would ask women to tell us themselves.

#MeToo, #TimesUp, #Niunamenos, #BalanceTonPorc are raising women’s voices more than ever before, but is the message getting through?  Decisions are still made for women, not with them, not by them.  Let’s pass the mic. Women can and do speak for themselves not only every 8th of March but every single day if we care to listen, that’s why we are asking you, women from Canada and around the world to tell us what YOU want. Use #WhatWomenWant2019 and join the conversation on social media.