Volunteer In Canada

Do you want to make a difference but cannot afford the time to go abroad? You can put your knowledge and enthusiasm into the service of vulnerable communities in the South without traveling from home. There are different ways in which you can make a difference from Canada.


We are seeking volunteers who are willing to work online with Crossroads and its partners. Online volunteering is a flexible and efficient way to share valuable technical skills with our local partners in the South. You can choose to work on projects that are in line with your skills and interests. From agroecology to communications, the range of skills our partners require is very diverse. Check out our current e-volunteering opportunities, or contact our volunteer team to get more details about e-volunteering.

Become a Crossroader Mentor

Have you recently volunteered overseas? Want to help new volunteers learn the ropes? Crossroads International is seeking returned volunteers who are willing to act as mentors to Crossroaders who are about to go overseas. In person, on the phone or by email, mentors provide support to Crossroaders by giving them advice on what to expect while living overseas. If you are interested in becoming a Crossroads mentor, contact our volunteer team.

Volunteer at Crossroads events

Crossroads is active in communities across Canada, with special events, campaigns and visits by overseas partners taking place on a regular basis. In addition, we are often looking for volunteers to help organize social outings for South-North volunteers when they visit Canada.

Take a stand, raise awareness and meet up with volunteers who share your passion for a more just and sustainable world. Contact our volunteer team to get more information on how to support Crossroads activities in Canada.