Crossroaders at work

Get to know the Crossroaders who are collaborating with our partners in Africa to support women and girls and make a difference for thousands of people every year.

Jessica Opoku-Amoah (Ghana)

I am a Toronto native of Ghanaian descent. My mandate with Crossroads is a Network Coordinator with Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF-Ghana). My goal is to retain existing members and recruit newcomers by providing support and accountability to the organization. The benefit of this mandate is the opportunity to work with WiLDAF network members across Ghana. I am a business major at York University who has volunteered time to gender-equality for over a decade, and now I have the chance to do so in Ghana.


Asia Clark (Ghana)

I’m the founder of Wild Moon Jewelry, a Toronto-based handmade jewelry brand that celebrates ancestry, wisdom and sustainability while promoting artistic expression. I volunteer with Crossroads International as a women’s entrepreneurship advisor for Pro-Link Ghana, an organization that supports vulnerable women and girls by offering public health and economic empowerment programs. I facilitate a Women’s Entrepreneurship Program focusing on creative enterprise development for the Obrapaa Women’s Group, which consists of 15 women aged from 18 to 40 among some are former sex workers. This program is part of Pro-Link Ghana’s economic empowerment mandate to support and empower women to use practical skills to alleviate poverty. In this role, I hope to facilitate economic empowerment programs in culturally diverse contexts.


Regina Odofle Thompson (Ghana)

I am in Ghana to work with WiLDAF as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Diversion Program Developer volunteer. My job involves helping women resolve conflicts outside the judicial process. I am excited about this mandate because I am passionate about ADR, and I enjoy working with women on their behalf in different capacities. I am a specialist in the role culture plays in starting conflicts and fostering durable conflict-resolution. I am looking forward to employing multiple lenses, especially cultural and human rights perspectives, to develop and deliver a culturally-appropriate and women-centred program in Ghana.


Yvonne SAWADOGO (Burkina Faso)

Since June 2017, I have participated with Crossroads International in the rewarding field of international cooperation. I’m working with the Burkinabé Coalition for Women’s Rights (CBDF) as a communications advisor. My main role is updating its communication plan and monitoring the implementation of its activities. I am sure that my contribution to the community and my efforts will have concrete and lasting effects. Communication is an essential function for any organization, and I firmly believe that the development of a good communication plan will allow the CBDF reinforce the effectiveness of its actions also in addition to ensuring its influence nationally and internationally.


Afifa Ayeva (Togo)

I volunteer as a communications advisor for the Togolese NGO La Colombe, promoting women and young entrepreneurs in rural areas. I left Togo almost 16 years ago to study in Europe. Since then, I have lived in Belgium, the US, China and I moved to Canada a few years ago. Crossroads gave me my very first professional experience “back at home,” which has been a blessing. Coming back to my country of origin is challenging because everything I used to know about Togo came from childhood memories, family and holidays. This recent volunteer experience confirms my desire to work on development issues in Africa. I am going to look for another position related to development after this mandate.


Fernand Roy (Togo)

After 31 years of service, I retired from the Bank of Montreal and decided to work on international cooperation because I find this experience constructive, enriching and stimulating. I have held previous mandates in 1972 in Togo and Cameroon in 1980 and wanted to live this experience again. My previous experience led me to return to Togo as a Liaison Officer volunteer. Through this position, I interact regularly with volunteers and partners, which I find very satisfying.


Soul Man Gueye (Togo)

In 2012, I graduated from the University of Montreal with an interest in migration issues, education and the challenges of international cooperation. My path in cooperation began with a 2013 internship in education as part of the Québec sans frontières (QSF) program in the Dominican Republic. This first experience determined the direction I took in the rest of my career. I have also worked as a teacher in Vietnam and on waste management and eco-tourism in Togo. I am currently working as an advisor on developing a youth leadership program with GF2D, a NGO working on defending and promoting women’s rights in Togo.


Sierra Nallo (Ghana)

With a background in film and photo production, the mandate of Communications Coordinator is a perfect fit for me. I am in Ghana with WiLDAF, Pro-Link, ABANTU and NEWIG documenting their current projects. I look forward to capturing the stories of the partners and applying various communications tools for positive growth.


Pierre K. Tchansi (Togo)

I am a former employee of the Ministry of Agriculture of Livestock and Water in Togo where I worked for more than six years in the field of agricultural techniques and rural development. I graduated in integrated rural development and agronomy. I have been with Crossroads International since February 2017 volunteering with La Colombe in Togo as an Agroecology Development Advisor.


Sherry Peters (Ghana)

I am from Newfoundland and Labrador and have spent the last 16 years supporting and leading development and education programs across four continents in countries including the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Djibouti, Malawi, Mexico and Peru. After teaching English for four years in Peru, I began training teachers. These accumulated experiences led me to organizing and facilitating leadership programs and conferences. As a self-taught painter, I combine my creativity with my love for children to educate them by cultivating their creativity through a range of arts and crafts and organizational skills. I am in my second volunteer mandate with Crossroads International as an organizational and special needs education development advisor with WiLDAF. I work with marginalized girls in Ghana by helping them gain confidence, knowledge and basic skills training.

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