Fighting poverty through local economic development

Crossroads International is working with community organizations to reduce poverty through the development of local, sustainable economies. Crossroads works with partner organizations in Bolivia and West Africa to strengthen local economic development initiatives including cooperatives, communal banks and microfinance and small businesses. Through these initiatives people living in poverty earn an income and gain increased confidence and skills to participate more fully in their communities.

Mali YouthOpen for business: Youth entrepreneurship in MaliCrossroads International’s youth entrepreneurship program supports economic opportunities for young Malians aged 18 to 35 through technical training, networking, knowledge sharing, by providing access to the expertise of local and Canadian organizations, and through the exchange of volunteers.

CoprokazanMalian Women Use Shea Butter as Key to Development Crossroads International has partnered with l’Association malienne pour la promotion des jeunes (AMPJ). Together, the two organizations support local women who cultivate, package and export the shea butter. 

fair tradeMaking a difference one cup at a time: Fair trade support in BoliviaCrossroas helped FONCRESOL lauch a new loan product, the Faire Loan, which provides a vital injection of capital at any of three critical stages – production, post-harvest and commercialization – enabling producers to scale up and exploit more lucrative international markets.

onions maliFighting Poverty With Onions In Mali: Women's Micro-Loan Associations Are A Credit To The CommunityIn the neighboring village of Massakoni, Crossroads is working with a local organization, Kilabo, to create and train 20 economic interest groups. Here, leaders of the groups meet together to find solutions to some of the village’s most pressing problems, such as the lack of access to basic food staples, including corn.


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