Volunteer Opportunities


E-Volunteer, VCP

Field of Work (sector): Monitoring and evaluation, Project development and management
Location: Dar es Salaam
Country: Tanzania
Duration: 12 Months
Language: English
Deadline: September 26, 2021


Be living currently in Tanzania and meet one of the following criteria:

  • a) Be a citizen of an African country other than the country where volunteer mandate will take place (for example a Kenyan living in Tanzania could apply for a volunteer mandate in Tanzania) OR:
  • b) Be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada.


Crossroads International is a leading Canadian international cooperation organization, advancing equality for women and girls and eradicating poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries in Africa where women and girls face great adversity: unequal access to resources and economic opportunities, gender-based violence and limited participation in political and public life. Crossroads International works in partnership with local organizations in 9 countries of sub-Saharan Africa, to draw on the skills, expertise and resources, from the North and the South, required to enable people, particularly women and girls, to overcome poverty and defend their rights.

Crossroads is a registered charity supported by government and non-government funders, and many individual donors around the world.


ONE WORLD where poverty is eliminated, equality prevails, and the rights of women and girls are fulfilled.


Project description and context:

Crossroads International’s 2020-2027 Volunteer Cooperation Program (VCP) entitled Championing Gender Equality Together, funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), will engage Canadians, Canadian stakeholders, Crossroads staff and volunteers, local partner organizations and women and men in sub-Saharan Africa to become Gender Equality Champions. Collectively these Gender Equality Champions constitute a global community of strong change agents and advocates for the advancement of gender equality both in Canada and overseas.


The Project aims to reduce gender inequalities and alleviate poverty by addressing gender-based violence, inequalities in access to resources and economic opportunities, and barriers in exercising strategic forms of choice, voice, and influence, which are the culmination of unequal and discriminatory power relations entrenched in society.  Crossroads will address the root causes of gender-based inequalities and discrimination through a multidimensional holistic approach in the VCP that will, 1) promote women’s rights; 2) advance access to justice and the reduction of gender-based violence (GBV), 3) promote equal representation of women and men, and 4) target inequalities that limit women’s ability to participate in and benefit from economic activities. Crossroads applies a rights-based approach to programming, which extends to promoting, protecting, and defending women’s rights, including strengthening the capacity of women’s rights organizations to participate in and influence policy formulation and hold accountable those who have a duty to act.


Partner Description

Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) has been in existence since 1993 and continues to grow as a leading member of the transformative feminist movement for social gender transformation and women empowerment within Tanzania, Africa and beyond. Guided by a transformative conceptual framework as well as a participatory approach, TGNP has made substantial contributions to the feminist movement by stimulating public debate and activism on policy and social issues that are affecting women and other marginalized groups. The organization works with diverse actors to design and implement lobbying and advocacy campaigns, train and capacity build her members, generate, and disseminate information in support of women’s rights, and facilitate collective action based on a social gender analysis of issues pertaining to peoples’ development. Furthermore, TGNP adds value to the women’s movement through the encouragement of a growing feminist consciousness within her community. She encourages the recognition and appreciation of gender as an essential dimension in other progressive social movements.



Main responsibilities

  • Knowledge sharing and capacity building in the development of an organizational Monitoring and Evaluation plan.
  • Implementation of policies or organizational measures on Monitoring and Evaluation including the development of tools per programme area.
  • Participation in the implementation of diverse Monitoring and Evaluation tools.
  • Ensure the final addition of all stakeholders in an updated Monitoring and Evaluation plan, including the implementation of relevant tools.


Qualification criteria for selection include:

  • Undergraduate University Degree (or equivalent) in Development Studies, Social Work or\and Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in related fields.
  • Previous experience in Monitoring and Evaluation in International Development.
  • Previous experience in implementation of the M&E system.
  • Previous experience in Africa with demonstrated understanding of country context and culture is considered a strong asset.
  • Demonstrated knowledge/skills and/or experience with the Result Based Management approach.
  • Excellent organizational and administrative skills.
  • Ability to promote and monitor inclusion of gender-specific objectives, indicators, targets.
  • Knowledge and experience of facilitation techniques and participatory approaches
  • Knowledge and experience of programs in advancing women’s equality and economic autonomy.
  • Demonstrated experience and/or training in international cooperation, preferably in a non-profit environmental at the local level is an asset.
  • Excellent ability to work autonomously and willingness to take initiative.
  • Capacity to work collaboratively with a team, in person and from a distance.
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills to support volunteers, including mentorship and counselling.
  • Exceptional intercultural competencies and attitudes, including patience and respect for local expertise and work culture and intercultural communication.
  • Ability to cope with cultural isolation and a different standard of living.

Eligibility criteria:

  • ***IMPORTANT: Be living currently in Tanzania and meet one of the following criteria:
    • a) Be a citizen of an African country other than the country where volunteer mandate will take place (for example a Kenyan living in Tanzania could apply for a volunteer mandate in Uganda) OR:
    • b) Be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Share the commitment of preventing and addressing sexual misconduct
  • In good physical and mental health (medical examination required)
  • The volunteer needs to bring their own computer

Personalized support before, during and after the mandate provided by an experienced and welcoming team. The Crossroads’ experience includes the following:

  • Monthly living living allowance of approximately 1600 $CAD
  • Medical insurance and vaccinations
  • Pre-assignment online training.

Crossroads International is committed to addressing gender-based violence by supporting the innovative work our partner organizations in ending violence against women and girls.



To apply for this position, please send motivation letter and resume to volunteer@cintl.org

Please contact our volunteer mobilization team if you have any question: volunteer@cintl.org

We thank all applicants but only those selected for interviews will be contacted.