Once a Crossroader, Always a Crossroader

Since volunteering with Crossroads International in the 1980s, Sarah Bradshaw found herself drawn back to Crossroads’ inner circle of supporters.

After finishing school, Sarah knew she wanted to go to Africa. She had previously traveled to Tanzania and she knew the international experience would be invaluable.

Sarah’s Crossroads placement was with the Girls Scouts of Zambia in 1985, teaching at their sewing and small business school. The organization was very different than its North American counterparts, as it focused on teaching girls’ vocational skills, rather than teaching them about nature.

Upon returning to Canada, as a young professional entering the workforce, Sarah wanted to support Crossroads as a donor because she saw firsthand the work and the impact volunteers had in the local communities.

“I know how useful monthly giving is to organizations like Crossroads because it allows them to plan better, reduce costs, and get my donation to the women and girls much faster.”

Since her first gift, Sarah has continued to support Crossroads over the years as a monthly donor, and even though circumstances sometimes required her to take a step back, Sarah always found herself returning to Crossroads as a supporter. “I was a monthly donor for a long time, but there was a point in my life that required me to put a pause on my monthly support. However, it was not far from my mind and as soon as I could I signed up as monthly donor again.”

Last August, Crossroads undertook the 60th Anniversary Charity Challenge and partner visit in Tanzania. Sarah trekked alongside fellow Crossroaders and supporters. “I was so pleased that we met with Crossroads’ Tanzania partner Kilimanjaro Women Information Exchange and Community Organization (KWIECO) and had the opportunity to see firsthand just how much of an impact they are having on the lives of women and girls in the region.”

Thirty-three years after working as a volunteer, Sarah Bradshaw saw firsthand the results donors make with gifts, big and small.