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Notice of Blackbaud Data Incident

Crossroads International recently learned that one of our service providers, Blackbaud, experienced a data security incident that may have involved some of our supporters’ personal information. Blackbaud is a global leader in donor management software, hosting data for thousands of charities including Crossroads International. We are contacting all our supporters to inform them about the incident and provide them with steps they can take to protect themselves.


What Happened

On July 16, 2020, Blackbaud informed us that it discovered and stopped a ransomware attack on its system. Working with its cyber security team, third-party forensic experts, and law enforcement, Blackbaud blocked the cybercriminal from encrypting its files and expelled the cybercriminal from its system. Unfortunately, as part of the attack, the cybercriminal was able to remove a copy of our backup files. This occurred at some point between February 7, 2020 and May 20, 2020. Blackbaud has informed us that it paid the cybercriminal’s demand with confirmation that the data they removed has been destroyed.


What Information Was Involved

Blackbaud has confirmed that the cybercriminal did not gain access to credit card information or bank account information.

Crossroads International takes the protection and proper use of our supporters’ information very seriously and although we have been assured by Blackblaud that they have no reason to believe that any data went beyond the cybercriminal or will be misused or made publicly available, we wanted to inform you that some of your information may have been involved. Specifically, the file removed may have contained:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth, if provided to us
  • Your contact information, including postal and email addresses and phone number
  • Your donation history, including amounts and dates (as explained above, no credit card or financial information were accessed)
  • Your volunteer participation, if applicable
  • Your event participation, if applicable


What We Are Doing

We sincerely apologize for this incident and regret any inconvenience it may cause. Crossroads International is in regular contact with Blackbaud regarding the details of this issue and Blackbaud has confirmed that it has implemented changes to prevent this from happening again.


What You Can Do

If you would like more information about the incident, Blackbaud has published details online on its website. We also encourage you to be alert for unsolicited emails, texts or phone calls requesting personal information, in particular financial information, account numbers or passwords. Always verify the identity of the requester. Most legitimate businesses will not require you to provide this information via email.


For More Information

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us via email at Please note that due to the potential volume of inquiries and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our response time be slower than normal. We will respond as soon as possible.

We want to thank all our supporters for their past and continued support of Crossroads International.

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