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Crossroads International to celebrate volunteer cooperation and call for #MoreCanada as country marks International Development Week

Crossroads International is marking the 27th annual International Development Week from February 5th – 11th by inviting Canadians to join a dialogue on how to deliver the world #MoreCanada. To kick off the discussion, Crossroads International has asked current and former overseas volunteers to share their personal reflections on what volunteer cooperation and Canada’s role in building a better world means to them.

Development Week celebrates Canada’s role in poverty reduction around the world. This year’s theme is Leave no one behind: Canada contributes to global goals! and highlights collective efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals laid out in the UN’s Agenda 2030.

“At Crossroads, we are leveraging the expertise of volunteers in the global South and Canada to empower women and girls to assert their rights and improve their lives,” said Carine Guidicelli, Executive Director of Crossroads International.  “Canada is putting women and girls at the heart of its new approach to international assistance. We want to support women in their role as equal agents for change in their communities and countries.”

Crossroads International  works closely with local partners on the frontlines to increase women’s leadership in decision making, reduce violence against women and girls, and increase economic autonomy.

Crossroads International volunteer Carly Friesen is in Ghana. “Canadians cannot turn a blind eye to the state of women globally, just as we can’t ignore what is going on locally. We need to build up the capacity of women and girls both at home and abroad, and ensure that all genders are afforded the same opportunities,” says Friesen. “My work with NEWIG (Network of Women in Growth) is helping to give women the economic opportunities often reserved for men. NEWIG runs a first of its kind school for women in professional driving, with the goal that graduates will work in commercial driving, private driving, cab work… I am also enhancing my skills which I will bring home to Canada to benefit women in my local community as well.”

International Development Week provides the forum for Canadians to discuss, debate, and demonstrate that we as citizens are prepared to do more, and seek our government to do more too. The world is counting on us; it is counting on #MoreCanada.

“In the face of the rise of continuous attacks on women’s rights and the integrity of women’s bodies, and the use of women as tools of war Canadians are justifiably proud that its government has spoken so forcefully for the principles of equality, diversity, respect, and inclusion,” said Guidicelli. “Still, there is so much more to do. Crossroads seeks to involve Canadians directly in the fight for equality and justice. The world needs Canada to lead on this issue. The world needs More Canada.”

About Crossroads International

Crossroads International is a leader in international cooperation and has been fighting inequality for almost 60 years. Crossroads works in some of the world’s poorest nations in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America, with local partner organizations to create decent jobs and to empower women to become leaders and live free from violence.  Every year, we engage experienced volunteers and staff North and South who apply their expertise locally to address global issues. Together we are leveraging knowledge, expertise and dollars to create a more just and equitable world.

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