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Crossroaders in self-isolation speak out about COVID-19 and the impact on women, girls, men and boys in Africa

At COVID-19 crisis hit, Crossroads International helped overseas volunteers return to Canada but for many, their thoughts are with the communities they left behind. Check out two video diaries from two Crossroaders in isolation reflecting on their work and the impact of COVID-19.



“Whilst this is a scary time, it time for us to band together, it is a time to show a little more solidarity […] We will all come through this together. We can’t leave any part of the world behind” — Crossroader Claire Thompson



“Returning home to Canada I was so grateful to be able to self quarantine… but in saying this so I am equally emotional, worried and so much concerned for the women and girls and the partner organizations because of COVID-19 and the magnitude of work yet to accomplish,” –Robert Tornu

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