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A temporary shelter for a permanent future

Since January 2019, vulnerable women in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso can find shelter with Crossroads partner ADEP’s (Association D’appui et d’Eveil Pugsada). Young women who face teen pregnancy, poor living conditions or abandonment often have nowhere to turn. ADEP is filling the gap transforming its former headquarters in the capital city to provide temporary shelter, counselling and a training centre to support young women from across the country to transition to a new beginning.

Here, they can stay for a few nights and receive trauma counselling. Women are then supporting to gain skills in weaving and sewing so they can support themselves. Aicha, 19, was expelled from her parents home after she became pregnant. Aicha says the program is vital for her.

“We have a place to stay, receive awareness through listening sessions on sexual and reproductive health issues, early marriage, respect for women’s rights. Added to this, are the various training courses for small trades including sewing, weaving, and catering, ” she said.

Thirty young women are currently in the program. Program Manager with ADEP Mrs. Naon/Kaboré, says to date at least ten girls each quarter are coming to the shelter for support with social reintegration.

ADEP staff launched the program after attending human rights training in Canada with Crossroads International’s support. Today they are engaging parents, community and religious leaders, to educate them about gender-based violence and to support the reintegration of the young women in their families and communities.

Crossroads International acknowledges the generous support of Roncalli International Foundation and Global Affairs Canada.

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