Door-to-Door Canvassing Program

Crossroads InternationaL IS COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU

Crossroads International is conducting door-to-door campaigns in communities across Ontario and Manitoba to gain new monthly supporters.

Crossroads International has been a leader in volunteer cooperation for over 60 years, advancing equality for women and girls and eradicating poverty in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Crossroads International is raising vital funding to address the gendered impacts of COVID-19 while building the capacity and resilience of women and girls over the long-term. Door-to-Door fundraising is one of the most effective and personal ways to raise awareness and engage the public on Crossroads’ work to advance gender equality.

We have once again partnered with Global Faces Direct, to carry out our door-to-door campaign. Global Faces Direct is a well-regarded agency dedicated to building a sustainable charitable sector through ethically and socially responsible methods. They have gone through a rigorous evaluation to partner with and represent Crossroads International. Our canvassers seek monthly donations, as this support allows us to forecast our funding, budget our finances and plan future projects and initiatives in support of vulnerable women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa.

In keeping with Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and best practices for fundraising, our canvassers receive an hourly wage and receive no commission for the supporters they sign up or the dollars they help raise.

COVID-19 update and door-to-door fundraising:

After much consideration and careful planning, Crossroads International has once again decided to launch our door-to-door campaign on May 23, 2022. We currently have a small team in London, ON and we will be expanding to Toronto, Hamilton, and parts of Manitoba.

London, ON has a special place within the Crossroads’ family as it was the location of the very first Canadian office. In the 1980’s Crossroads’ office moved to Toronto, Ontario.

While we are relying on our door-to-door campaign as a vital source of revenue for our COVID-19 resilience fund, we have been very cautious about doing this activity as the health and safety of both our canvassers and the public is paramount.

All fundraising staff have completed rigorous safety training, are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and are using contactless payment methods to minimize potential risk of exposure to the virus. Teams must strictly adhere to the social distancing and prevention practices outlined in their respective province or municipality’s public health and safety protocols. This includes frequent hand-washing and regular use of alcohol-based sanitizers, regularly sanitizing materials and tablets, limiting physical exposure and staying home when ill.

The pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for all of us. Crossroads is seeking support from generous supporters in order to reduce gender-based violence, increase economic autonomy and advance the rights of women and girls – all of which are vital for a sustainable COVID-19 recovery.  Our intention is to safely mobilize Canadians to support our work. We understand this is a difficult time for many and only ask for support from people who feel they can do so at this time.

how to identify crossroads international door-to-door canvassers:

You can identify our representatives, who will be going door-to-door, by their photo ID badge and Crossroads-branded lanyard, vest, or shirt. They will often have a laminated brochure or a binder with our logo and information.

Crossroads’ canvassers work with handheld devices (smartphones or tablets) with encrypted software to securely process credit card transactions and capture bank information on the spot, reducing administrative costs and the use of paper forms. All new donors should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of their donation being processed.

For security reasons, our canvassers are unable to accept cash.

A note about phone calls

You may receive calls from the following numbers:

1-833-776-3858: the number that canvassers will use

1-833-821-3247: the number that Global Faces Direct call centre will use to call donors to complete the payment

647-479-0400 (a local number): the number used by Global Faces Direct to complete the Welcome Call to welcome the donors into the donor community


If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Donor Relations team:

Toll free: 1-877-967-1611x 229

Tel: 416-967-1611 x 229


If you would like to learn more about this campaign, please contact us at