Make Empowerment Your Gift


Millions of women, men, girls and boys are still facing great adversity in these extraordinary times. In countries where Crossroads works, early and forced marriage and the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) are still on the rise. New reports from the United Nations show that 2 million more cases of Female Genital Mutilation could take place by 2030 if we don’t speed up efforts to stop the spread of the COVID-19. In some areas of Africa, December is an infamous month for FGM, it is even called The Season of Cutting. Right now, around the world, COVID-19 is isolating so many girls from the support they need, and it is heartbreaking.

But there is a way you can help women and girls during these dark, demeaning and destructive months: make empowerment your gift! Your donation to Crossroads International will increase the impact of brave, determined and effective local partners. You can help them find the best solutions to the gravest issues facing women and girls, and their families and communities due to the pandemic.

Thank you for your generous donation for justice and equality towards women and girls everywhere! Your support powers our work. Help us Help them by donating today!