The Aminata Fund

The Aminata Fund is named after the protagonist in Lawrence Hill’s, The Book of Negroes (translated in French as Aminata). This novel was the winner of The Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and both CBC Radio’s Canada Reads and Radio Canada’s Combat des Livres. The novel was adapted for the screen in six part miniseries that won many prizes, including eleven Canadian Screen Awards and the NAACP award for best writing in a television motion picture.

The Aminata Fund of Crossroads International honours the resourceful and resilient spirit of the fictional Aminata and enables vital programs that assist today’s African women and girls to achieve autonomy and reach their potential.

The Aminata Fund makes a contribution to:

Resisting Violence and Finding Freedom

Captured from her home in Mali in the late 1700s and sold into slavery in the American colonies, Aminata Diallo must maintain her hope and spirit in spite of the violence of her situation. The Aminata Fund helps girls resist violence today through Girls’ Empowerment Clubs and supports recovery and self-esteem for victims of violence in forced marriages.

Women’s Business and Entrepreneurial Development

Developing essential business skills and marketing them is crucial to Aminata Diallo’s survival and to creating opportunities for herself and her community. The Aminata Fund enables women’s work and economic progress by supporting local women’s cooperatives that help transform traditional work into decent jobs.

Women’s Legal Literacy and Political Participation

Aminata Diallo tells her story to ordinary people and politicians to expose injustice and works for her people’s freedom. The Aminata Fund helps African women to become educated and active voters, political candidates and representatives and improves women’s legal literacy so that they have access to justice when confronted by domestic abuse.

Hill with Girls’ Empowerment Club members and Crossroaders in Swaziland (2007).

“In the seventies and eighties, I travelled to Africa three times with Crossroads International. Each of those trips changed me and shaped my view of myself and the world. Eventually, the experience helped inspire me to write stories and novels, including The Book of Negroes.”

Lawrence Hills is Crossroads International Honorary Patron and Crossroader.

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